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X-Men Days of Future Past

What has he done now?

I'll just write you a check for whatever he took.

a check - чек

We just need talk to him.

Peter, the cops are here again.

cop - полицейский

I'm a princess. What are you?

I'm the wolverine.

wolverine - росомаха (животное)

Where is your brother?

Go upstairs and bug your sister.

to bug - раздражать, докучать

But she bugs me.

Guess what, I didn't do anything.

to guess - угадывать, догадываться, предполагать

I've been here all day.

Just relax Peter, we are not cops.

to relax - расслабляться, отдыхать, успокаиваться

Of course you're not cops, if you were cops you wouldn't drive a rental car.

to drive - водить

How'd you know we got a rental car?

rental - арендованный

I checked your registration when you were walking through the door,

to check - проверять

I also had some time to kill so I went through your rental agreements,

agreement - соглашение, договор

saw you were from out of town.

Are you FBI?

No, you're not cops, hey what's up with this kid's school place.

place - место

That's an old card.

old - старый, давний

He is fascinating.

fascinating - увлекательный, очаровательный

He is a pain in the ass.

pain - боль

What, a teleporter?

No, He's just fast.

fast - быстрый

And when I know him he wasn't so… young.

young - молодой, юный


You're just old.

So you're not afraid to show your powers?

power - власть, мощьность, сила, способность

Power? What power? What you talking about?

You see some strange here?

strange - странный

Nothing anybody would believe if you told them.

to believe - верить, полагать

So who are you?

What do you want?

We need your help, Peter.


Break into a highly secured facility and get someone out.

to break into - вламываться, врываться
facility - объект, помещение

Prison break?

prison - тюрьма

That's illegal, you know?

illegal - незаконный, нелегальный

Well, only if you get caught.

to catch - поймать, уловить

So what's there in for me?

You, the kleptomaniac, get to break into the pentagon.

kleptomaniac - клептоман

How do I know I can trust you?

to trust - доверять

Because we are just like you.

Show him.