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Clever way to stop people stealing - Open Door

God damn it.

(are) you okay, Rowan?


What's up?

Okay, to be honest.

honest - честный

We are not getting any customers in the store.

customer - клиент, заказчик
store - магазин, склад

Can I make just a quick suggestion?

quick - быстрый, скорый
suggestion - предложение, совет


Well, I've noticed that basically every single day

to notice - замечать
single - одинокий, одиночный, единственный

you don't open the front door and the grates down.

front - передний, перед, фронт
grate - решетка


That's the only way for customers to come into the store

and you're not letting them in.

to let - позволять

What are you even talking about?

to talk - говорить, рассказывать

Well, if you want customers to buy things

to buy - купить, покупать

they need to be able to come through the door.

to be able to - быть способным (что то сделать)
through - через, сквозь

But if I left it open…

to leave - оставлять, покидать

So customers could just waltz on in

to waltz on - вальсировать (waltz - вальс)

- customers would just steal things.

to steal - воровать

Think about it.

What? but but we're a store

the door has to be open for people to come in and buy things.

I don't think you understood what I just said Adam.

to understand - понимать
to say - сказать, говорить

If customers could just walk on into the store willy-nilly.

to walk - ходить, идти, гулять

While we're working,

then they could just steal things.

Think about it Adam. Oh my god.

No, no. No

they're gonna walk on in and buy things.

Do you even know how security works?

security - безопасность, охрана

No, you don't. If you leave the front door open

customers can just come in and steal things.

Think about it.

They can just grab a product run out of the store.

to grab - хватать, схватить
to run out - выбегать, убегать

Rowan, can we try something just today?

to try - пытаться, стараться, пробовать

If we open the door and pull up the grate

to pull up - потянуть наверх, поднять (to pull - тянуть, вытащить)

and see how many people come in and buy things.

to see - увидеть, смотреть

You know.. okay, Adam.

Just for you. I'm gonna humour you.

to humour - ублажить, потакать, уважить

Great. Let's see how it works.

I'll open the grate.

I'll open the front door, but this is on you.

I'm going to open it. Okay.

Hello, sir.

That's fair.

fair - справедливый, честный

You guys know that we actually have twitch pages

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