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Everybody Hates Chris - Quarentined (s3e/5)

When I was fifteen,

the only thing I wanted more than a girl was to have some privacy.

to want - хотеть, желать
privacy - приватность, личное пространство, личная жизнь

I didn't have a room for myself.

room - комната, номер

Somebody was always home.

And even when I was supposed to be alone,

to suppose - предполагать, полагать
alone - одинокий, в одиночестве, наедине

somebody was there!

Sometimes I hate going home.

to hate - ненавидеть

It's like I can never be alone.

Me, too.

Every time I turn around, my grandma's right there.

to turn around - развернуться

She thinks "alone" is something you get at a bank.

Whenever I turn around, my whole family is right there.

whole - целый, весь

What would you do if you had privacy?

Nothing much, just do whatever I want, whenever I want.

whatever - что бы ни (захотел)
whenever - когда бы ни (захотел)

I can't wait till I get my own place.

to wait - ждать
own - собственный
place - место

Well, my grandma has the flu, and I have to make her some hot toddies.

flu - грипп
hot toddy - горячая медовуха (которую пьют при простуде)

Hot toddies are sick people's happy hour.

sick - больной, болеющий

Who cares about the flu when you're drunk?

drunk - пьяный, выпивший

Mom, (I'm) home.

What's going on?

Baby, we're all sick.

So I quarantined the rest of the house

to quarantine - помещать на карантин, подвергать изоляции

so you're just going to have to stay over there.

to stay - оставаться, остановиться

But where am I supposed to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom?

to eat - есть, кушать
to sleep - спать, засыпать

Oh Baby, you can sleep on the couch.

couch - диван

And then you can eat free sloppers over at Doc's.

I left you a bucket.

bucket - ведро

Great, what do I do when the bucket is full?

Rochelle, this is crazy.

crazy - сумасшедший, безумный

First of all, you used $3.97 worth of plastic wrap.

wrap - обертка

Second, Chris can't live like this.

I called Mr. Omar. He can stay upstairs with him.

upstairs - наверху; вверх по лестнице

Oh no, he can't go up there with all them loose women coming and going.

loose - свободный, просторный (к примеру можно сказать об одежде)

Yes, he can.

Mr. Omar promised he'd be on his best behavior.

to promise - обещать
behavior - поведение

Chris will be fine.

I don't know about this.

Either way, we ain't wasting this much plastic wrap.

either way - так или иначе; в любом случае
to waste - тратить (впустую), терять

So, you might as well send him up to Omar's.

to send - отправлять, отсылать

You gotta go upstairs, baby.

All I knew about Mr. Omar was that he liked dead men and live women.

dead - мертвый

So, I didn't know what to expect.

to expect - ожидать, рассчитывать

All right, now Chris, There's a few things should need to understand.

a few - несколько (не путайте с просто few - мало, немного)

Phone rings, you take the message.

to ring - звонить, звенеть

Don't go looking for nothing you ain't supposed to find.

to look - смотреть, посмотреть

And most importantly, I need my privacy.

importantly - важно

So, you stay out of my way, and I stay out of yours.

to stay out - держаться подальше

Deal? Deal.

I'll be back later, so you're on your own.

Now all I need was six white girls and a monkey.

monkey - обезьяна