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Absurd Mission Objectives - Battle Plan

Bettjeman. King. On me.

Right, lets give these Germans a taste of their own medicine

a taste - вкус
medicine - медицина, лекарство

I've been informed that an all out allied offensive has been orchestrated

allied - союзнический
offensive - наступление, наступательная операция
orchestrated - организованный (to orchestrate - оркестрировать, инструментовать)

and carried out at 0400

to carry out - проводить, выполнять

Part of that plan requires these artillery guns to be taken out

to require - требовать
artillery - артиллерия

So thats our job for today

Any objections?

objection - возражение, протест

Actually I just have one really quick question -

quick - быстрый, скорый

Do you know how long this missions gonna take?

mission - миссия, задание
gonna - (gonna = going to) собирается

It's just my wife's gonna be home soon

and I just don't really wanna start something I can't finish.

wanna - (wanna = want to) хочу

Do you know what I mean?

to mean - иметь ввиду; значить

Heh. Didn't think so



You're gonna be my front man for today

front - перед, фронт; передний

To be expected

to expect - ожидать

I need you to scout ahead.

to scout - разведывать
ahead - впереди

Collect any intelligence you can find

to collect - собирать
intelligence - сведения

Can do

Then when you've gathered the intelligence

to gather - собирать

I want you to move up and take out the MG42's stationed on the upper bank

to move up - двигаться вверх
stationed - размещенные (to station - размещать)
upper - верхний, высший
bank - берег

There will be German reinforcements at the crossroads east and west of that position

reinforcement - подкрепление
crossroad - перекресток
position - позиция

Take em (them) out

Do you want me to do all of that?

Once that's completed

completed - завершенный, законченный (to complete - завершать)

I want you to advance through the series of bunkers that connect all the German camps in this area

to advance - продвигаться, наступать, развиваться
bunker - бункер
camp - лагерь

Flush out any Nazi scum you can find

to flush out - смывать
scum - подонок, сволочь; накипь, пена

Sir, Is that.. is it still just me?

Then you can take out German Army Group B and C

How many soldiers is that?

soldier - солдат, воин

Then you can plant the charges and destroy those artillery guns

to plant - сажать (a plant - растение)
a charge - заряд
to destroy - разрушать, уничтожить, истреблять

Am I getting any help with this?

Of course you should expect a German counter attack with the remaining Luftwaffe

counter - встречный, противоположный
remaining - остальной, оставшийся

I want you to shoot down as many of those planes as you can

plane - самолет

Preferably all of them

preferably - предпочтительно

Any questions?

I mean.. I guess just..

Is that it?

Whats the matter Bettjeman?

Not up to the task?

Sorry what are you doing while I single-handedly win WW2?

single-handedly - в одиночку

Sir requesting permission to join Pvt Bettjeman, sir

permission - разрешение

Ooooh naaa..

a.. actually I'd really rather you didn't

To be honest you'd be more of a burden

burden - бремя, нагрузка

To be honest

Can't do this job on your own Bettjeman?

Wow are you…

Why'd you even bother coming back at all?

to bother - беспокоить

Are you registering any of this?

to register - отмечать, запечатлевать; регистрироваться

Permission granted

to grant - предоставлять

Thank you sir!

Heh - looks like you two are inseparable

inseparable - неотделимый, неразлучный

Almost like you got a real strong relationship

relationship - связь, отношения

built upon years of friendship

You're really jamming that friendship thing down my throat right?

to jam - заедать, заклинивать (jam - варенье, джем)
throat - горло, глотка

This is gonna be like that time we fought those bullies in the alley

bully - хулиган
alley - аллея, переулок

Remember that? No.

Alright Morrison, you go with them

What you gotta be kidding me!

to be kidding - шутить, разыгрывать

Do I look like I'm kidding??

No sir


Move out!

to move out - выдвигаться

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