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The Mentalist s1/e13

What do we have here?

The name's Harry Lashley, a junior v.p. with the company.

junior - младший

He's the son-in-law of the boss, A. P. Caid.

The receptionist, miss Duane, over there, forget her phone.

receptionist - администратор
to forget - забывать

Came back to get it, found him like this.

to come back - возвращаться

She called security. Luckily I was working late.

luckily - к счастью

I called 9-1-1 as soon as I got here.

I then opened up Mr. Caid's office to check, but nothing was amiss.

amiss - неправильно, неправельный, неладно, дурно

I have an all-access pass. Well, come on.

Only one thing was missing,

but it's the most valuable painting he owns.

valuable - ценный, полезный

A. P. picked it up at an auction a couple of months ago.

to pick up - забрать, подобрать; (здесь - покупать)

Paid a little over $50 million for it.

You said that these doors were, uh, closed before you got here?

The office is always locked up when a.p.'s not here.

locked - заблокированный, запертый (to lock - запирать)

It's a strict rule that a.p. has when he's gone.

strict - строгий

And Mr. Lashley... What would he have been doing here?

No idea. His office is two floors down.

floor - пол, этаж

He had no reason to be here.

reason - причина, повод

Maybe he was involved.

to involve - привлекать, включать, вовлекать

If we're lucky, we'll find the murder weapon.

murder - убийство

This was obviously a well-planned robbery.

obviously - очевидно, явно
robbery - ограбление, грабеж

Why is that obvious?

Well, nobody finds themselves

in a locked room full of old masters in the middle of the night by accident, do they?

by accident - случайно, нечаянно

So well-planned, but they weren't expecting to meet any opposition.

to expect - ожидать, рассчитывать

Otherwise, Mr. Lashley here would have been shot or tasered or tied up and gagged.

otherwise - в противном случае, иначе
tasered - оглушенный электрошокером (taser - электрошокер)
tied - привязанный, связанный (to tie - связывать)
gagged - с кляпом ворту (gag - кляп, to gag - затыкать рот)

But when they were surprised by him, they simply hit him on the head,

to surprise - удивлять

Which suggests an improvised weapon, yeah?

improvised - импровизированный

I'm listening.

Yes, something like...

I predict forensics will find traces of Harry Lashley on this bust.

to predict - предсказывать
forensics - криминалистика
traces - следы (trace - след)
bust - бюст

No offense, but I used to be police myself, and that's not police work.

offense - преступление, правонарушение

That's guessing.

guessing - угадывание, гадание

Carl, bag this for me.

Yes. sir.

Frank. Is there a good diner around here?

Uh, yeah. Garrity's, a couple of blocks over on... Madison.

Do they do good eggs?

eggs - яйца (egg - яйца)

I guess.

That's the test of a good diner... Eggs.

You must have had a contentious relationship with your father.

contentious - спорный, сварливый

Excuse me? Uh, no.

Tell me... I can't tell with the hair in her face and the sobbing,

sobbing - рыдания (to sob - рыдать, всхлипывать)

But, uh, i imagine miss Вuane is quite attractive, isn't she?

attractive - привлекательный

I mean, receptionists are often hired for their looks.

to hire - нанимать на работу

What are you talking about?

Where are you going with this?

This way.

Look at the seams.

seam - шов

These shoulder seams here... Pulled apart...

shoulder - плечо
to pull apart - разорвать

And the way he's lying so straight like this, and that shoe that has come off.

straight - прямой
to come off - оторваться

No, we all noticed. Somebody must have dragged him here.

to drag - тащить, тянуть

Yes, but dragged him from where? And why?

Care to tell us, Frank?

to care - заботиться, ухаживать

I don't know what you're talking about.

All right, then let me explain.

to explain - объяснять, разъяснять

You and miss Duane came up here to have sex in the boss' office.

to come up - подойти

That's absurd. Why would I do such a stupid thing?

absurd - абсурд

Well, because it's forbidden, and thus, very sexy, of course,

forbidden - запрещенный, запретный
thus - таким образом

Especially if you have father issues.

issue - проблема

And who doesn't?

It's a furtive but powerful challenge to the paternal authority.

furtive - тайный, скрытый, хитрый, незаметный
paternal - отцовский
challenge - вызов, сложная задача

So you open up a.p.'s office and then, crap. There's a dead body.

crap - дерьмо, чепуха

What are we gonna do?"

You gotta report it, but how do you explain your presence in his office?

presence - присутствие, наличие

A quick but dirty solution...

dirty - грязный

You drag the body out and lock the doors back up before calling the police.

Who is this guy?

He's a pain in the ass, but he's making sense.

pain - боль
sense - смысл, чувство, ощущение

You sure you don't want to change your statement?

statement - заявление, утверждение


Oh, please, frank, it'd be silly to deny it.

silly - глупый
to deny - отрицать, отказывать, отвергать

Five minutes in a room with the persuasive agent Cho,

persuasive - убедительный

And miss Duane will tell all.

Back off, man.

back off - отвали

I want to. Believe me. I have zero interest in your sex life.

But one thing that occurs to me a room like this.

to occur - происходить, случаться

Would have security cameras in it, yeah?


But surely, you wouldn't knowingly record yourself making love

surely - конечно, несомненно
knowingly - сознательно, намеренно, понимающе

on the boss' carpet.

carpet - ковер

You'd have to know that the cameras in the room were off,

Probably because you turned them off, being the head of security.

to turn off - выключить

They are off, aren't they, Frank?

So the question now is, Frank,

how long have they been off.

And who else might have known they were gonna be off last night?

You guys can take it from here. I am starving.

Gotta get me some eggs.

Garrity's, right? Thanks.

You ready to tell us the truth?

truth - правда