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Terminator 2 - Did you call me a dipshit?


we spent a lot of time in Nicaragua and places like that.

to spend - проводить, тратить

For a while there, she was with this crazy ex-Green Beret guy,

crazy - псих, сумасшедший, безумный

Running guns.

to run - руководить; бегать
gun - пистолет

Then there were some other guys.

She'd shack up with anybody she could learn from,

to shack up - проживать, жить, сожительствовать

so she could teach me how to be this great military leader.

military - военный, воинский
leader - лидер, руководитель

Then she gets busted and it's like:

to get busted - быть пойманным, арестованным

Sorry kid, your mom's a psycho. Didn't you know?

psycho - псих, психопат

It's like everything I've been brought up to believe is all made-up bullshit.

made-up - выдуманный; to make up - выдумывать
bullshit - чушь собачья, ерунда, херня
to bring up - воспитывать, растить

I hated her for that.

to hate - ненавидеть

But everything she said was true.

everything - все

She knew.

And nobody believed her.

to believe - верить, полагать

Not even me.

even - даже

Listen, we gotta get her out of there.

gotta - gotta (=have got to) должен, должны
to get out - выбираться, убираться, выкарабкиваться


negative - отрицательный, негативный

The T-1000's highest probability for success now will be

probability - вероятность
success - успех

to copy Sarah Connor and wait for you to make contact with her.

to copy - копировать

Great. What happens to her?

Typically, the subject being copied is terminated.

typically - типично
subject - объект, предмет
to terminate - прекращать, завершать

Shit! Why didn't you tell me?

We gotta go right now!


It's not a mission priority.

mission - миссия, задание
priority - приоритет

Fuck you, she's a priority to me!

Hey, goddamn it! What's your problem?

Goddamn it!

Help! This does not help our mission! Help!

Get this psycho off of me.

Help… help…. I'm being kidnapped! Get this psycho off of me.

Lemme go!

lemme - lemme (=let me go) позволь мне идти, отпусти меня

Why the hell did you do that?

hell - ад

Because you told me to.


You have to do what I say, huh?

It's one of my mission parameters.

Prove it.

to prove - доказывать, подтверждать

Stand on one foot.

to stand - стоять
foot - нога


Cool! My own terminator.

You okay, kid?

Take a hike, bozo.

hike - пеший поход, подъем

See, let's get out of here. What?

Fuck you, you little dipshit.

dipshit - говнюк


Put your leg down.

Did you call mwa a dipshit?

Just trying to help this punk.

Grab this guy. I can't believe he'd call me…

to grab - схватить, хватать, захватывать

Now who's the dipshit, you jock douchebag?

douchebag - ублюдок

No! Put the gun down! Now!

Get out of here!

Come on, just split! Come on!

to split - валить (жаргон); ос. знач - разделять, раскалывать

Jesus, you were gonna kill that guy!

Of course. I'm a terminator.

Listen to me very carefully, okay?

carefully - осторожно, внимательно, бережно, аккуратно

You're not a terminator anymore. Alright?

Got that? (You got that?)

You just can't go round killing people! Why?

to kill - убивать

What do you mean "why"? Cause you can't! Why?

Because you just can't, okay? Trust me on this.

to trust - верить, доверять

Look, I'm gonna go get my mom.

And I order you to help me.

to order - приказывать; заказывать