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Scrubs (s1/e1)

Since I was a kid, I've always been able to sleep through anything.

to be able to - быть способным (что то сделать)
through - через, сквозь

Storms, sirens, you name it.

storm - шторм, буря
siren - сирена
you name it - что угодно; и так далее; (используется что бы сказать что еще много таких вещей можно назвать)

Last night, I didn't sleep.

I guess I get a little goofy when I'm nervous.

nervous - нервный, взволнованный

You see, today isn't just any other day.

It's my first day.

I'm the man.

And three years of pre-med and four years of med school and tons of unpaid loans that made me realise one thing...

ton - тонна, масса
unpaid - неоплаченный
loan - ссуда, заем
to realise - осознать, понять; реализовать, осуществлять

Could you drop an NG tube on the patient in 234 and then call the attending at the lavage is positive ?

to drop - бросить, падать, уронить, сбрасывать, опускать
patient - пациент, больной
the attending physician - лечащий врач
positive - положительный, позитивный (в данном случае имеется ввиду результат анализа)

I don't know Jack.

So this is my story.

I'm supposed to be in intensive care.

to suppose - предполагать, полагать
intensive - интенсивный, напряженный
care - уход, попечение

Good, we just turfed him there.

to turf - выбросить, вышвырнуть

Look, I became a doctor, because I wanna to help people,

to become - становиться, делаться

but orientation yesterday

it didn't really focus on patient care.

to focus - концентрироваться, фокусироваться, сосредотачиваться

The hospital doesn't wanna be sued.

to sue - подавать в суд

Being sued is not a good thing.

Hey, Turk? What's up?

You know I'm totaly down with the rap music?

Dude, be whiter.

Chris Turk's my best friend.

We roomed together in college, we roomed together in med school.

Yea, we even got accepted by the same hospital.

to accept - принять

Here's the thing. Tupac, DMX, Dr Dre,

in most of their songs, they use an extremely volatile racial slur.

volatile - летучий, изменчивый
racial - рассовый
slur - пятно, оскорбление

The ''N'' word. I got it. Right.

My question is this: if we're both singing along,

to sing - петь, спеть, воспевать
along - вместе; вдоль

and knowing that otherwise I'd never use the word,

otherwise - в противном случае, иначе, иным образом

am I allowed to say… No.

to allow - позволять, допускать, разрешать

See, that's good for me to know. I didn't know that.

Finally, doctors, if there is a mistake, don't admit it to the patient.

to admit - признавать, допускать, принимать, впустить

Of course, if the patient is deceased, and you're sure,

deceased - умерший, покойный, усопший

you can feel free to tell him or her anything.

Hey, listen. I found us an apartment.

OK, gang, I'm Dr Bob Kelso, and I'm your Chief of Medicine,

so I just want to encourage you all to think of me as your safety net.

to encourage - поощрять, поддерживать
net - сеть, сетка
safety - предохранительный

Because I promise you, we're a family here.

to promise - обещать

Now, then, go get 'em, doctors.

So, the surgical interns are gonna go grab a beer.

intern - интерн, студент мед колледжа
to grab - захватывать, схватывать

The medical interns are having a Pac-Man tournament.

tournament - турнир

Apparently, we're all twelve.

apparently - по-видимому, очевидно

I love Pac-Man.

Me, too. I love watching it, I love playing it, I love all of it.

I'm Elliot. Ell-i-ot. Yea, Don't do that.

I'm JD. This is Turk.

Elli, are you medical or surgical?

medical - медицинский, врачебный, терапевтический
surgical - хирургический


Ha-ha, Hello.

So, every male in my family is a doctor. My dad, my grandad, my brother

male - мужчина

I guess, that's why Dad gave me a guy's name, made me play sports, date girls. Joking.

to date - встречаться, назначить свидания

I know. I would've laughed if you'd paused.

to laugh - смеяться, хохотать
to pause - останавливаться, делать паузу, приостанавливаться

Anyway, I know what you're thinking.

anyway - в любом случае, так или иначе, во всяком случае

Your butt looks like two Pringles hugging.

butt - задница, торец, приклад
to hug - обнимать

No, you don't. I'm probably Miss ''Hyper-Competitive.''

probably - наверное, вероятно

I mean, It used to be a big problem for me.

used to (be) - раньше (был(а))

Used to. Past tense.

tense - время
past - прошлый, прошедший, минувший

Hey, are we racing?

to race - участвовать в гонке, мчаться


Please, I'm not that desperate.

desperate - отчаянный, безнадежный

So, you do a lot of cardio? Or… Oh, yes.

cardio - кардио (нагрузки на сердце в спорте - например бег)

Elliot Reid? John Dorian? Great.

One, I am your resident, Dr Jeffrey Steadman. Not ''Jeff'.

resident - резидент

Two, here are your manuals.

manual - руководство, справочник

Have you ever notice, how quickly some people
make an impression?

to notice - уведомлять, замечать
quickly - быстро, скоро
impression - впечатление, представление

I am a tool. I am a tool. I am a tool, tool, tool.

An unbelievably annoying tool. Yeah.

unbelievably - невероятный
annoying - раздражающий, надоедливый

Yeah. Finally, these are your beepers.
From now on, they control your life.

beeper - пейджер, сигнальное устройство
from now on - впредь, отныне, с этого момента

Ok. Thanks. Move it.

Back to today.

I was aaa… I was paged. Oh, first day, Bambi? Yea.

to page - вызывать, вызвать (по пейджеру)

Carla will take car of you.

Don't look at me when we're moving someone.


We're waiting for Dr Cox. Hi, doctor I am… Place an IV for me. We'll talk later.

Carla, can I ask you a personal question?

personal - личный, персональный

Do you spray the perfume on or you just fill your bathtub up with it at home and splash around in it?

to spray - распылять, опрыскивать
perfume - духи, аромат
to fill up - заполнять, наполнять
bathtub - ванна
splash - плескаться, брызгать

I smell nice.

to smell - пахнуть, нюхать, чувствовать запах

Come on, you've done this to cadavers before. So this gay is alive.

cadaver - труп, мертвое тело

Just, poke it through his skin. Poke it through! Now!

to poke - тыкать, совать, пихать, протыкать
skin - кожа, шкура

Time's up. Carla, will you do it for him? I am also gonna need a ABG

Why are you telling her? Shut up and watch.

shut up - замолчи, заткнись, умолкни ( to shut - закрывать(ся) )

Be nice (…to Bambi.)