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Everybody Hates Chris - Token Black

Since I was the only black kid at my school,

kid - дитя, ребенок, малыш

I thought people stared at me all the time because they were fascinated with me.

to stare - пялиться, глазеть, пристально смотреть
fascinated - очарованный, зачарованный, увлеченный

Check it out. His skin. Was your hair always like this? Do you know Gary Coleman?

to check out - проверять, заценить (какую то вещь - молодежный сленг)
skin - кожа, шкура, оболочка

But I found out they were just scared of me.

to find out - выяснить, выяснять
to scare - бояться, пугать

She didn't come out of that classroom for a whole week.

to come out - выходить
whole - целый, весь

Can you tell me what's going on?

There's rumor about the fight.

rumor - слух, молва
fight - бой, борьба, драка

I had a fight with Caruso, the school bully.

bully - задира, хулиган, забияка

He beat me so bad, I had to take the Underground Railroad home.

to beat - бить

Fight! Fight!

fight - бой, борьба, драка

But somehow that story turned into this story.

somehow - как-нибудь, как-то
story - история, рассказ, сюжет
to turn - повернуть, свернуть; превращать(ся)

Chris hit him in the jaw so hard, my tooth fell out.

jaw - челюсть
tooth - зуб
to fall out - выпадать, вываливаться

Chris knocked Caruso's eye out, put it back, and then knocked it out again.

to knock - стучать, постучать, бить, ударять (to knock out - выбить)
to put back - положить обратно

Chris beat the snot out of him.

snot - сопли

You can check his nose - no snot!

nose - нос

Chris chased him home, knocked out his family, then took their house.

to chase - преследовать, гнаться

Now, when a rumor like this gets started, you never know where it's going to end up.

to end up - оканчиваться, заканчиваться

Are you sure about this?

sure - уверенный, надежный

Yes, sir. After Chris kicked his teeth out, he said,

to kick - пинать
teeth - зубы

"And I better not see you trying to smile, cracker."

cracker - крекер

Cracker... Yes, sir. Cracker.

Dr. Raymond was the school principal,

school principal - директор школы

and the last thing I needed was for him to think I was making trouble.

trouble - беда, проблема

Thanks kid.

That kid snitched so much, he made more money than the teachers.

to snitch - ябедничать, доносить