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Is that why they sent you to boarding school?

to send - отправлять
boarding school - школа-интернат

No. That was a result of my work with lasers.

result - результат
laser - лазер

New neighbor? Evidently.

neighbor - сосед
evidently - очевидно, по-видимому

Significant improvement over the old neighbor.

significant - существенный, значительный
improvement - улучшение

200-pound transvestite with a skin condition? Yes, she is.

skin - кожа, шкура
condition - состояние, условие, положение

- Oh, hi.- Hi.

We don't mean to interrupt. We live across the hall.

to interrupt - прерывать, перебивать, мешать
across - через
hall - зал, холл

Oh, that's nice.

We don't live together. I mean…

together - вместе

we live together, but in separate, heterosexual bedrooms.

separate - отдельный
heterosexual - гетеросексуальный
bedroom - спальная комната

Oh, okay, well... Guess I'm your new neighbor. Penny.

- Leonard. Sheldon. - Hi.

Well... aaa.., welcome to the building.

building - здание

Thank you. Maybe we can have coffee sometime.

sometime - когда-то


Well... bye. - Bye.

Should we have invited her for lunch?

to invite - приглашать, привлекать
lunch - обед

No. We're gonna start season two of Battlestar Galactica.

season - сезон

We already watched the season two DVDs.

to watch - смотреть

Not with commentary.

commentary - комментарий

I think we should be good neighbors and invite her over, make her feel welcome.

We never invited Louie-slash-Louise over.

And that was wrong of us.

wrong - неправильный, неверный

We need to widen our circle.

to widen - расширять, ширить
circle - круг, окружность, кольцо

I have a very wide circle.

wide - широкий, большой

I have 212 friends on MySpace.

Yes, and you've never met one of them.

to met - встречать

That's the beauty of it.

beauty - красота, прелесть

I'm gonna invite her over.

to invite over - приглашать

We'll have a nice meal and... chat.

meal - еда
chat - беседа, болтовня

Chat? We don't chat. At least not offline.

at least - по крайней мере

It's not difficult.

difficult - трудный, тяжелый, нелегкий

You just listen to what she says and then you say something appropriate in response.

appropriate - соответствующий, подходящий
response - ответ, реакция

To what end?

Hi... again.


Anyway... We brought home Indian food.

to buy - покупать, купить

And... I know that moving can be stressful,

stressful - стрессовый

and I find that when I'm undergoing stress,

undergoing - подвергаться, испытывать, переносить

that good food and company can have a comforting effect.

comforting - утешительный, успокаивающий

Also, curry is a natural laxative, and I don't have to tell you

curry - карри (специя) (не путайте с глаголом cаrry)
laxative - слабительное

that, you know, a clean colon is just one less thing to worry about.

colon - толская кишка
to worry - волноваться, беспокоиться

Leonard, I'm no expert, but I believe in the context of a luncheon invitation,

to believe - верить, полагать
luncheon - завтрак
invitation - приглашение

you might want to skip the reference to bowel movements.

to skip - пропускать
reference - ссылка, справка, отсылка, упонимание
bowel - кишечник, кишка
movements - движения, перемещение

You're inviting me over to eat?

Oh, Yes

Oh, that's so nice. I'd love to.


So, what do you guys do for fun around here?

Well, today we tried masturbating for money.