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The Adjustment Bureau

Who the hell are you guys?

hell - ад, преисподняя
guy - парень


…are the people who make sure things happen according to plan.

according to - в соответствии с; согласно
people - люди
to happen - случаться, происходить

My name is Richardson.


(Do) You really think I couldn't see that coming?

really - в самом деле, действительно

I can read your mind.

to read - читать
mind - разум, ум

Yeah, really.

Pick a color.

to pick - выбирать, подбирать, собирать


Pick a number. Seventeen.

Now, why are you still thinking about running?

still - все еще; до сих пор
to run - бежать

I don't really know what's going on here.

to know - знать
here - здесь, тут

Well, you've just seen behind a curtain that you

behind - позади, сзади, за
curtain - штора, занавеска

weren't even supposed to know existed.

to suppose - предполагать, полагать
to exist - существовать, быть

Must be jarring.

jarring - шокирующий, ошарашивающий

It's not your fault.

fault - вина

Your path through the world this morning was supposed to have been adjusted.

path - путь, траектория, дорожка, курс, тропа
to adjust - отрегулировать, регулировать

You were supposed to spill your coffee as you entered the park this morning.

to spill - пролить, проливать
to enter - войти, входить (после этого глагола предлоги никогда не ставятся)

You would have gone upstairs to change, you would have missed the bus,

upstairs - вверх по лестнице; наверху, наверх
to change - переодеваться
to miss - пропускать, пропустить; скучать
bus - автобус

and you would have arrived at work

to arrive - прибывать, приезжать

10 minutes later than you did,

later - позднее, позже

and we would have been gone.

I was supposed to spill my coffee?

We call that an adjustment.

adjustment - корректирование, регулировка

See, sometimes, when people spill their coffee

sometimes - иногда, временами

or their Internet goes out or they misplaced their keys,

to misplace - класть не на свое место и потерять

they think it's chance.

And sometimes it is.

Sometimes it's us …

… nudging people back on plan.

Sometimes when nudging isn't enough,

to nudge - подталкивать (например локтем кого то)

management authorizes a recalibration.

to authorize - разрешить, санкционировать

We deploy our Intervention Team and

to deploy - развернуть, развертывать, применять

they change your mind for you,

like we did with your friend Charlie.

He's fine, by the way.

by the way - кстати; между прочим

You don't need to worry about him.

to worry - беспокоиться, волноваться

Now …

There is something I need you to understand if I'm going to let you go.

to understand - понять, понимать


Very few humans have seen what you've seen today,

few - мало, немного (не путайте с "a few" - несколько)
human - человек

and we're determined to keep it that way.

to be determined - быть решительным что то сделать

If you ever reveal our existence,

to reveal - раскрывать, открывать
existence - существование, наличие, бытие

we'll erase your brain.

to erase - стирать, стереть
brain - мозг

The Intervention Team will reset you.

intervention - вмешательство, интервенция
to reset - сбросить (например настройки программы на первоначальные)

Your emotions, your memories,

emotion - эмоция
memory - память, воспоминание

your entire personality will be expunged.

entire - весь, целый, полный
personality - личность, индивидуальность
to expunge - стереть, вычеркивать

Your friends and family will think you've gone crazy.

to go crazy - сходить с ума (crazy - сумасшедший)

You… You won't think anything.

(Do) You understand?

Not one word about us.

word - слово


Oh, one more thing,

you are… you bumped into a woman this morning on the bus.

to bump into - встретиться с кем то случайно; удариться обо что то нечаянно


What.. what does that have to do with anything?

Well, you were never supposed to see her again.

What is it… What does that matter?

to matter - иметь значение

Because it matters.

It's in his wallet.

wallet - бумажник

Hey, hey. God! Hey!

What's with you guys? Jesus!

Oh, come on. No! No!

What the hell?


What the hell?



Take him back.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

to enjoy - получать удовольствие, наслаждаться
rest - остальные, остальное; остаток

I can walk. I'm capable of walking.

capable - способный (что то сделать)

Dude, what are you doing on my floor?

dude - чувак

You know, I called you like 10 times, you could have picked up.

to pick up - поднимать, подбирать