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Men in Black - The Worm Guys Scene

Where you going?

Yo. I mean, what the hell is all this?

Back in the mid-1950's, the government started a little underfunded agency

underfunded - недофинансированный (to fund - финансировать)
government - правительство
agency - агенство

with the simple and laughable purpose of establishing contact with a race not of this planet. (Now gentlemen…)

laughable - смешной, смехотворный
purpose - цель, назначение
to establish - установить, устанавливать; создавать, учреждать
race - раса, род; гонка (например автомобильная)

If you'll look directly at the end of this device,

directly - прямо, напрямую, непосредственно

we'll administer the eye test.

to administer - управлять, руководить, администрировать

Everybody thought the agency was a joke,

joke - шутка, анекдот

except the aliens who made contact March 2, 1961, outside New York.

alien - иностранец, чужак, чужой, чуждый

There were nine of us the first night.

Seven agents, one astronomer...

and one dumb kid who got lost on the wrong back road.

dumb - тупой, глупый; немой, безсловестный
to get lost - потеряться (lost - потерянный, потерявшийся)

Aw, you brought that tall man some flowers.

to bring - принести, приносить, нести
tall - высокий
flower - цветок

This way.

They were a group of intergalactic refugees.

refugee - беженец

Wanted to use the Earth as an apolitical zone for...

creatures without a planet.

creature - существо, создание, тварь

Did you ever see the movie "Casablanca"?

The same thing, except no Nazis.

same - то же самое, тот же самый
except - кроме, за исключением, исключая

We agreed, and we concealed all the evidence of their landing.

to agree - соглашаться, договариваться
to conceal - скрывать, скрыть, таить, утаить
evidence - свидетельство, доказательства
to land - приземляться (land - земля)

So, these are *real* flying saucers and the world's fair was just a cover-up for their landing.

saucer - блюдце, поддоник
cover-up - прикрытие, сокрытие, укрывательство

Why else would we hold it in Queens?

to hold - держать, удерживать

More non-humans arrive every year and they live among us in secret.

to arrive - прибывать, приехать
among - среди, между

Uh, look, I'm sorry - not to change the subject or anything,

subject - предмет, объект, тема, субьект

but when was the last time you got a CAT scan?

About six months ago. It's company policy.

policy - политика

Right, you should make another appointment.

appointment - назначение, прием, встреча, свидание, должность

Uh, look. Tell your boy Zed I had an absolutely wonderful time

absolutely - абсолютно, совершенно
wonderful - замечательный, чудесный

and thank you for everything, but, uh,

why don't you show me the door?

door - дверь

All right...

I'm gonna get some coffee. You want some coffee?

No, thank you. I'm fine.

How're you doing, fellas?

fella - парень, тип

Oh, shit! Hi, K!

That's not decaf, is it?

decaf - кофе без кофеина

Viennese cinnamon.

cinnamon - корица

Aw, don't tell me we only got that powdered stuff for cream again

powdered - порошкообразный (powder - порошок, пудра)
cream - крем, сливки

I hate that stuff.

to hate - ненавидеть

Oh, it's good. Good.

You guys get along all right?

get along - ладить, уживаться, ужиться

Well... don't work too hard.

So, you guys seen that [...]

Sure you don't want some coffee?