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The Mentalist s1e1

Hello, mrs. Tolliver.

Who are you?

My name is Patrick Jane.

I'm here to help you.

Would you like a cup of tea?

cup - чашка, чаша, кубок

Yes, I would, thank you.

You must be tired.

tired - усталый, уставший, утомленный

Why don't you sit down?

to sit down - садиться, присесть, присаживаться

It's nice and quiet in here, isn't it?

quiet - тихий, спокойный

Quiet, soothing, calm.

soothing - успокаивающий, успокоительный, смягчающий
calm - спокойный, тихий


I've been watching you and your husband,

husband - муж

and I want you to know that I understand what you're feeling right now.

You have no idea.

Believe me.

to believe - верить, полагать

I do.

I know.

I know, and I wanna help you.

You can't help me.

You... What do you know?

All sorts of things.

sort - вид, сорт, род

You really only pretend to like skiing, right?

to pretend - притворяться
skiing - катание на лыжах, лыжный спорт


You're pleased that your best friend recently gained some weight.

pleased - довольный (to please - радовать, угождать, нравиться)
recently - недавно, в последнее время
to gain - получать, набирать

About 10 pounds.

pound - фунт ~ 453 грамма

You wish you'd been more adventurous when you were younger.

adventurous - авантюрный, смелый, предприимчивый
young - молодой, юный

You love India, but you've never been there.

You have trouble sleeping.

trouble - проблема, неприятность, сложность

Your favorite color...

favorite - любимый, излюбленный

Is blue.

I don't understand. You're...

you're psychic?

psychic - экстрасент, медиум


Just paying attention.

to pay attention - обратить внимание, обращать вниминие

I used to make a good living pretending to be a psychic.

I tell you this

because I want you to understand there's no point hiding things from me.

to hide - скрывать(ся), прятать(ся)

Hiding... What?

(Do you) Know what I see when I look at your husband?

I see a warm, loving, generous man.

warm - теплый, горячий
generous - щедрый, великодушный

A little vain, maybe.

vain - тщеславный

Selfish, controlling - but a decent man.

selfish - эгоэстичный
controlling - контролирующий (to control - контролировать)
decent - приличный, порядочный, пристойный


So why do you suspect him of murdering your daughter?

to suspect - подозревать
to murder - убивать
daughter - дочь

I don't.

The mccluskey boy did it.


That's what the police say.

But you think they're wrong.


I don't know. I-i-i don't know. I...

Tell me.

Last year, they.. they have been so strange with each other.

strange - странный, чудной

And neither one would admit that anything was wrong, and i think that...

to admit - признавать, признать, допускать, допустить

I think that she tried to tell me once, and i didn't--i...

God. Oh, god.

Did you ask him if he killed her?

to ask - спросить, спрашивать, просить

What would he say?

Most wives can tell when their husbands are lying.

wive - жена
to lie - лгать, врать

Yes. Yes.

I... I don't want tea. I.. the mccluskey boy did it. I...


(Do) You think he did it, too?

I trust a mother's instinct.

to trust - доверять, верить


There you are.

Hi, who are you?

I'm the police.

Did you kill your daughter?

How dare you?

to dare - сметь, осмелиться

I asked you a simple question, sir.

simple - простой, несложный
question - вопрос

Did you kill your daughter?

to kill - убить

No. I did not kill my daughter!

Now you get the hell out of my house!


June, what's the matter with you?

I'm gonna have your badge.

badge - значок, знак, жетон

An innocent man would have punched me by now.

innocent - невинный, невиновный
to punch - ударить (именно рукой, а если ногой это to kick), пробить

I am gonna make life miserable for you.

miserable - убогий, жалкий, несчастный

You come in here, you accost my wife,

to accost - приставать, обращаться, подойти и заговорить

you cause trouble on…


June, honey, please.

honey - милая, милый (дословно honey - это мёд)

Move! Inside!

Honestly, it…it's not as bad as it looks.

honestly - честно говоря; честно; по правде говоря

Mrs. Tolliver? Mrs. Tolliver! Please wait.

Front room's clear!