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The Fifth Element

Did you get them?

Yeah, I got 'em. (them) […]

Leeloo Dallas. Multi-pass.

Korben David Dallas. Perfect.

perfect - идеальный, безупречный

No, no, I can't possibly be your husband. I'm too old.

possibly - возможно

And David is... in great shape.

shape - форма, фигура

He'll protect you.

to protect - защищать, охранять

Now, please, go to the Diva,

collect the stones and meet me at the temple.

to collect - собирать, коллекционировать
stone - камень
temple - храм

Now. Yes?


Last call for Fhloston Paradise.

Hurry up.

to hurry up - торопиться, поторапливаться

The tickets.

ticket - билет

ID, please.

I'm sorry.

There. In here? All right…

Mr. Dallas?

A… Yea..

Congratulations on the winning contest.

contest - соревнование, конкурс

Oh, right. Okay.

Sorry for the mess.

mess - беспорядок, бардак

The mess?

The garbage.

garbage - мусор

Made it! Ha!

I was so afraid I wasn't gonna make this flight

to be afraid - бояться

so I sent David here…

to send - отправлять, посылать

to come and pick up my boarding pass.

to pick up - забрать, подобрать
boarding pass - посадочный талон

But now David has to go. Thank you. Bye.

I am Korben Dallas.

Please report infractions immediately to the spaceport.

And this is?

Leeloo Dallas. Multi-pass.


She knows it's a multi-pass.

Leeloo Dallas. My wife. We're newlyweds. Just met.

newlyweds - молодожены, новобрачные

You know, how it is.

Bumped into each other, sparks happened.

to bump - ударять(ся)
spark - искра
to happen - происходить, случаться

Yes, she knows, it's a multi-pass, yeah.

Anyway, we're in love.

to be in love - быть влюбленным

I mean, I know she's made to be strong.

to mean - иметь ввиду, подразумевать; означать, значить
strong - сильный, крепкий, прочный

She's also so fragile, so human.

fragile - хрупкий
human - человеческий, людской

(Do) You know what I mean?

(Do) You want some more?


Make that two.

Hello David, David? Where's Leeloo?

She is on the plane with Mr. Dallas.

plane - самолет


I'm sorry father, I didn't know what to do.

I thought he was gonna kill me.

to think - думать
to kill - убивать

But this is not possible.

possible - возможный, вероятный

Oh Lord, this is not possible.

You want some more?

This is all my fault.

fault - вина

It's.. it.. [...], It is my mission.

mission - миссия, задание

I should never have given it to you.

I know.

It's the key to the temple.

key - ключ

Oh, no. Prepare for our arrival.

to prepare - подготавливать, готовиться
arrival - прибытие, приход

I go to face my destiny. Yes.

to face - гордо и смело лицом(!) идти навстречу проблемам (face - лицо)
destiny - судьба, предназначение

I don't want to go to Egypt.


Korben Dallas?

Yea, that's me.

Just a minute, please.

It will take just one more minute.

We'll be right back.

Mr. Dallas... we really need you right now.

Ruby Rhod is broadcasting live and needs to interview you.

to broadcast - вещать, транслировать (broadcast - трансляция, радиовещание, передача)
to interview - брать интервью, интервьюировать

Miss? Multi-pass.

Tell Aknot that plan A flopped.

to flop - плюхаться, свалиться

Go to plan B.

Aliens ahead. Spread out.

alien - чужой, иностранец, иноземец
ahead - впереди, спереди
to spread - распространять(ся)

Backup unit, zone 18.

backup - резервный, дублирующий (здесь - подкрепление)