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My mom and dad are splitting up.

to split up - разделять, разделяться, дробиться

Yeah. It looks that way.

You're lucky.

lucky - счастливый, удачливый

When I was your age, I could only dream about my parents splitting up.

age - возраст
to dream - мечтать
parents - родители

Your mom is my grandma.

grandma - бабушка


Grandma says you're a bitter disappointment.

bitter - горький
disappointment - разочарование

Hey, sport, your mom wants to say goodbye.

sport - молодчина (oс. значение - спорт)
to say - сказать, говорить

Listen, he doesn't know anything about what's going on,

to know - знать

so let's just keep this to ourselves.

to keep - держать, сохранять, хранить

Our little secret.

little - маленький, небольшой

Why is she saying goodbye to him?

She's gonna be spending the weekend with her sister in Vegas.

to spend - проводить (время); тратить, расходовать

So, we decided that Jake would stay with me.

to decide - решать, принимать какое то решение
to stay - оставаться, остановиться (например в отеле)

With you?

Well, with us.

I'm hungry.

hungry - голодный

Is this gonna be a problem?

problem - проблема

I guess not.

Thanks. Oh.. here… Listen, I've got to call my office.

to call - звонить (по телефону)

Would you mind making him lunch?

lunch - обед

Sure. Thanks.

sure - конечно

What are you smiling about?

to smile - улыбаться

You don't have any food.

food - еда, питание

Yeah, but I'm not the one who's hungry.

Who's smiling now, shorty?

You drink milk? Just with cereal.

to drink - пить
milk - молоко
cereal - хлопья (еда)


Not that milk. That milk.

What's the difference?

difference - разница, различие

That's Dairy Farm. We drink Dairy Barn.

Fine. Happy?

happy - счастливый

Why would I be happy? It's just milk.

Cute. Keep it up, you'll be on one of the cartons.

cute - милый
carton - картонная коробка

Okay, cereal.

We got Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Flakes and Maple Loops.

I want Maple Loops.

You know who wrote that song?

to write - писать, написать
song - песня

Your uncle Charlie wrote that.

uncle - дядя

No lie?

to lie - лгать, врать

Kid, If I was going to lie, I'd say I wrote Stairway to Heaven, not the Maple Loops song.

You two are really good together.

really - действительно; на самом деле
together - вместе

Thank you.

So, does your wife sing, too?

wife - жена
to sing - петь

Ou… No, I'm not married.

What a shame.

shame - стыд, позор, срам, досада


You're even better than a dog.

Dr. Bloom? Yes, this is Alan Harper.

My wife and I need to cancel our marriage counseling appointment for this afternoon.

to cancel - отменять, аннулировать
counseling - консультирование

Yes, well, something came up.

to come up - возникать, происходить